We love photos


The MyRoll Gallery Curation Engine uses computer vision, big data, and behavioral learning algorithms to reinvent the mobile photo and video gallery experience. Your gallery should treat your photos and videos with the respect they deserve. We do that by using technology to understand what makes a great photo, as well interpreting which memories are most important to you.

MyRoll technology analyzes your needs and behaviors individually to create a personalized gallery experience. MyRoll then organizes your photos and videos into moments that can be easily relived and shared while providing an easy discovery experience that lets you quickly find those memories that matter most.

Our computer vision technology also understands what makes a great photo. We analyze photo quality signals such as sharpness, color, and lighting as well as subject signals to correctly analyze faces, smiles and more. As a result, MyRoll is able to uncover and highlight the very best shots from your gallery.

Our technology also learns from time, location, and calendar events - allowing memories to be quickly and effectively organized and titled according to key life moments.