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"MyRoll is a smart and well-designed replacement for the built-in phone gallery experience that comes with every smartphone."

"The genius of MyRoll, however, happens under the hood, where a robust personalization system learns which photos mean more to you."

"For better organization of your local gallery, I like MyRoll for Android and iOS, which beautifully categorizes photos by date and location, and can even group them according to calendar entries from your local calendar or Facebook Events."

"A prettier, smarter camera roll that just could find a place on your home screen."

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"MyRoll is striving to one-up the photo galleries you’ll find bundled on iOS and Android. It automatically organizes your photos and videos into “shareable moments,” surfacing what it deems to be your best captures."

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"In other words, the app will try to understand which kinds of photos you prefer based on how you scroll on a daily basis, as well as which galleries you decide to hide and which photos you omit."

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"The person you share with gets a link to an HTML5 album created by MyRoll (complete with a map that shows the location of where you took the photos if they were shot in one area). Users can scroll through the photos and download them individually..."

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"Besides automatically arranging your photos and videos, it also makes it easy to share those moments via various social networking services, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more."

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"It's a gallery replacement that bills itself as the first "full frame" gallery. That means it doesn't smush all your photos down into square previews, but shows the entire frame, even if it's a panorama or vertical shot."

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"Have you ever opened your gallery app and thought, “this sucks”? As a Samsung owner, I think this on a daily basis; the Gallery on the Note 2 is slow, awful and poorly optimized. Luckily, MyRoll is here to save the day."

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"The Israeli startup rebranded its photo gallery app MyRoll, which organizes and groups pictures in order to show users their most important moments and best shots."

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"The successor to Flayvr, MyRoll is a photo and video sharing app that recognizes your best shots and organizes them into moments. These collections can be shared across Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and Twitter."

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