We love photos

The team

Ron Levy

CEO & CO-founder

Adi Ashkenazi

CTO & CO-founder

Shem Magnezi

Lead Android Developer


Head of UX / Design

Mati Bot

Lead iOS Developer

Roni Maimon

Software Engineer

Omri Aloni

Product Marketing Manager

Itay Levy


DRS Media


The Company

Your gallery should love your photos & videos as much as you do. Hundreds of precious photos & videos are hidden in the endless scroll on your phone. MyRoll is the only gallery that learns what is most important to you, organizes your photos and videos into moments, and helps you easily share life’s best memories.

MyRoll uses contextual and behavioral analysis to help you find the photos and videos that matter the most to you. Computer vision helps to identify and highlight shots with smiling faces, great lighting, vibrant color, clear focus and more.

Sharing memories is supposed to be as easy as making them. MyRoll is the easiest and most elegant way to share entire moments with friends and family over email, Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS.